What is the Penguin Vulnerability Score (PVS)

The Penguin Analysis Score (PVS) is the % Likelihood of any page being impacted by Penguin compared to the average commercially ranked website (ie: a page that ranks for a valuable keyword). For example, a -30% PVS score means you are 30% less likely than average to be penalized by Penguin. A 0 means you are average. A 100% would mean that you are 2x more likely to be hit.

Is the PVS Score Accurate?

The Penguin Vulnerability Score is built on a data set of known Penguin victims and 68 contributory factors. We used a number of methods to build our models including a Gradient Boosting machine learning algorithm. The PVS score is the best commercially available algorithm for determining Penguin vulnerability.

I Have a High Score, am I Going to Get Penalized?

Probably not. Only a fraction of a percent of websites get hit by Penguin. Less than 25% of male heavy smokers will ever get lung cancer, but everyone knows that smoking is dangerous. The same is true here. We can tell you about your increased risk of a terrible outcome – Penguin penalties – but we can’t tell you for certain that you will or will not get penalized.

Can the PVS Score be Duped?

Yes. In particular, if you analyze your own brand term, you will likely see an increased score because of exact-match anchor text metrics. In addition, if your brand is popular enough to be bid on to a high price, you may encounter slightly increased scores because of high degrees of commercial anchor text. That being said, for most sites and most keywords the score will provide valuable information.

How Can I Improve My Score?

The Penguin Analysis will give you the opportunity to select different methods to improve your score – this might mean removing exact match anchor text or sitewide links, or perhaps increasing quality links to your site to build authority.

Can a Penguin Penalized Site Get a Low Score?

Yes. Absolutely. The Penguin Vulnerability Score only tells you the likelihood of getting penalized compared to the average commercial site. It is certainly possible to get penalized with a lower score, it is just LESS likely.

Can I Get a More In-Depth Analysis

Yes. Please contact to discuss getting our full service analysis.